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Innovative Dating Applications

Our “designed for mobile” web products have served millions of users and are on the cutting edge of the dating and hookup landscape. We’ve been developing projects before the likes of Tinder and other mobile dating solutions had been launched.
Socialsoft Development Team

Dynamic Development

At our core, we are a development company. Our development capabilities span across all mobile platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. We also specialize in web based application development using HTML5 and Javascript.
Socialsoft Press

News and Media Coverage

Socialsoft’s online communities have been featured on some of the world's top media companies giving our brands exposure to hundreds of millions of people around the globe.
Our products have been enjoyed by millions of users worldwide.

  • We are a privately held business incubator targeting under-serviced niches in the mobile and web industries. We provide capital funding, full development and management services for our clients. Our primary focus has been in the development of geo-location based applications and services in the mobile market .

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